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Unfortunately I have no time to maintain an English version of my blog. I have created this page to introduce myself and the aim of this blog. There are a few entries in English, that you can find here.


My name is Florian, born on the 23rd of November 1985, in Nice (France). I am an active person, enjoy outdoors activities and travelling. Originally from South of France, I lived in Edinburgh for 3 years and half (I studied there) and went back to France (in Lyon) for 2 more years, where I got my first work experience. Then early 2013 I left France to travel around New-Zealand. In September 2013, I moved in New Caledonia for an qualified job.


I studied from school to 2nd year of University in France (University of Sophia-Antipolis). I followed the Networking and Telecommunications courses, and got my first post-baccalaureate diploma. I continued my studies in Edinburgh, for a year within a student exchange program, and then another 2 years and half to successfully obtain a Master Of Science. I followed the Advanced Networking course in Napier Edinburgh University.

Work experience and CV

I have a two years experience at Telindus France, first Network integrator in France, as a Network Support engineer.

More details and my full (and updated) résumé is available on LinkedIn:

Sport and activities

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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For any job opportunitie or enquiries, please contact me by email:

Florian (dot) Berthelot (at) gmail (dot) com

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